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Wisdom Series: Thoughts, Knowledge, and Wisdom

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Thoughts, knowledge, and wisdom are connected to the mind yet have significant differences in life applications.  Thoughts and Wisdom As shared in “Choose Your Thoughts Well”, it is estimated that we have between 12,000- 60,000 thoughts per day.  This range is attributed to factors such as your level of creativity, personal and professional problem-solving requirements, […]

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A Effective Way to be Present – Do Not Compare

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Very Smart Girls will celebrate its 10th Birthday on July 27, 2019!  In honor of this milestone, I will provide an update on my first 4 blogs- There is No Such Thing as a Table for Two, What is Wellness?, An Effective Way to be Present- Do Not Compare, and 2 Essential Guidelines to Create […]

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Peaceful and Powerful Acceptance

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Acceptance is my “go-to” thought, however, lately I’m aware that I can have feelings like concern or doubt immediately after feeling acceptance. Did the acceptance go away? How could it last longer? What is my next best step? Acceptance As shared in “Understanding Series: Acceptance & Success”, acceptance is vital to personal and professional success.  […]

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Your Freedom, and Responsibility, To Change Your Mind

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I used to think that changing my mind was a sign of weakness because it meant that I did not think things through carefully enough or didn’t have enough conviction.  I also judged people when they changed their mind. While I still think things through, especially before I make a commitment, I am very aware […]

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Cause and Effect Thinking and Spinning Out

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I believe in cause and effect.  I experience it every day.  I eat a healthy meal and I feel good.  I feel irritated and more irritating things appear in my life.  Cause and effect awareness is a great learning tool. And it can be overused.  I know because I can get spun out in cause […]

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Think the Opposite

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What if your thoughts were 100%, or 80%, or 50% inaccurate, not for your highest good, not for the highest good of others, or simply and innocently outdated? How important do you think your thoughts are? What if you took one day and thought the opposite?  What if the opposite is true? Thought comes before […]

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Slowing Down Time

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I recently went to New York City (“10 Inspirational Quotes about New York City”) and noticed that I was just as busy as I am at home, however, there was enough time to get everything done with time to spare!  It was as if time had slowed down even in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan When […]

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What Story Are You Sticking To?

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Are you playing out inaccurate, outdated, non-productive, or negative stories in your life? Are you stuck in your story?  Are you stuck in someone else’s story? Do you know what your stories are?  Who is in charge of the stories you tell yourself- your ego or your heart? Are you willing to start with a blank […]

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Partner with Life ~ Partner with Surprises

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Do you like surprises or do surprises throw you off balance? I realize that I have some fear about being surprised. I want surprises to be planned! I have often heard it said that control is the master addiction.  Or rather, the illusion of control is the master addiction.  If you don’t like surprises you may […]

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Quotes about Meditation

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“Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit.”  Jeremy Taylor (1613-1667) “No great work has ever been produced except after a long interval of still and musing meditation.” Walter Bagehot (1826-1877) “Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without.”  Buddha (563-483 BC) “I know but one freedom and that […]

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