Relationship Communication Skills

Communication Checkpoints

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Have you ever thought that someone didn’t like you because of the way they looked at you?  Have you ever received feedback that surprised you during your annual review at work?  Did you ever go to a movie with a friend and feel like you had seen different movies? Personal Filters Each of us sees life through our own […]

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Open-Ended Questions Build Relationships

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Please enjoy this blog and see important 2020 news at the end of the post.  An updated version of this blog is on my new site here. Did you do your homework?  Did you complete your business plan?  Did you get the job you wanted?  Did you take out the trash? Do you sometimes feel […]

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Needs are Important…Really Important

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We all have needs.  Are you afraid to express your needs because not expressing them holds a hope inside of you that there is always a chance that you will get what you want? Are you afraid to express your needs because they may not manifest?  Do you support or assist others in fulfilling their needs? Wouldn’t […]

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Not All Upsets are Created Equal

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An upset is anything that disturbs your peace of mind.  However, are all upsets created equal?  Is there a way for you to get ahead of your upset curve?  Can you laugh off some of your upsets when you see them coming? Wants, Needs, and Requirements According to Wikipedia, “Wants are often distinguished from needs. A […]

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Silence is Golden…and Pauses are Too

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I invite you to pause and think about this: everything you say, you already know.  There isn’t anything you can say that you do not already know, or think that you know.  When you are talking, there is very little space for receiving knowledge, input or feedback from another person. Perhaps we were better off […]

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Seeing from your Heart

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What do you see when you look at someone?  Do you focus on their physical attributes, their clothes, their circumstances, their behavior or their beliefs?  When you see through “thinking eyes” it is easy to judge situations and people. Thinking Eyes versus Seeing from your Heart When you see someone primarily with “thinking eyes” you […]

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Feelings are Non-Negotiable

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Have you ever wanted someone to feel differently?  Have you ever told someone they should not feel a certain way? How do you feel when someone does not acknowledge, accept or value the way you feel? Feelings are Non-Negotiable If someone is feeling a certain way, the feeling is real.  You know the feeling is […]

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The 93% Impact of Nonverbal Communication

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How do we send, receive and evaluate messages? Is the message you want to send, the message that is likely to be received?  Studies show that spoken words account for only 7% of the total meaning of our communication; 93% of communication is nonverbal! *I am now posting on Be All of You Today where you will find an […]

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When your Relationships are Good, your Life is Good

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Have you noticed that even if something in your life is not going well, when your relationships are good, you feel better and more complete in the world?  When your relationships are good, your life is good.  The great news is that you control 2 powerful relationship skills- your attitude and your intentions. *enjoy this blog […]

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There is No Such Thing as a Table for Two

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Each of us is complex and unique.  Even if there are only 2 people together, let’s say sharing a meal, There is No Such Thing as a Table for Two!  The intention of this article is to increase your awareness about relationship dynamics and the need for effective relationship communication skills.  Let’s go. Effective Communication […]

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