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Fashion Meets Philosophy ~ Charles James

by Jo-Ann Downey

in Inspiration

I had the privilege to visit the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City this month.  According to Wikipedia Charles James (1906-1978) was known as America’s First Couturier (an establishment or person involved in the clothing fashion industry who makes original garments to order for private clients).

His dresses and coats are magnificent, timeless, and mesmerizing; his quotes appeared on the mirrored walls of the exhibition.

Do you feel more beautiful and/or see more beauty in the presence of beauty? How are you creating, showing, shining, and sharing your inner and outer beauty?

“Forget all you know & learn something every day.”


“The best design reveals itself during a long fatiguing process of digging into the subconscious.”


“Fashion, after all, is magic and miracle…intended to bestow proportion and beauty where both have been lost or faded with the years.”

cj vsg #10

“I have sometimes spent twelve hours working on one seam; utterly entranced and not hungry or tired till finally it had as it of its own will found the precise place where it should be placed.”


“I don’t think you can feel fashion without being exposed to imagination and fashionable people.”

Cj VSG #3

photo credit: jo-Ann downey


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