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Intention Series Summary ~ Happy 8th Birthday Very Smart Girls!

by Jo-Ann Downey

in Inspiration

In celebration of the 8th Birthday of Very Smart Girls, below is a summary of the most popular series- The Intention Series.  My intention is to joyfully share inspirational information with you!

The top three things to remember about intentions:

  • Intentions direct and influence your experiences.
  • Powerful intentions are clear, represent what you want, and have feelings associated with them.
  • Pure intentions tap into divine energy (versus ego energy).

Intentions Influence Your Experiences

Intentions provide you with a roadmap on where you want to go.  If you don’t know where you want to go, it’s hard to get there. An intention is a clear and positive statement of an outcome you want to experience.  An intention is a goal, or vision, that guides your activities, thoughts, attitudes, and choices.   Hence, your intentions influence your actual experiences.

You can set an intention in any area of your life- physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  Although intentions start with a mental picture of your goal, intentions require focus, action, and positive energy to manifest.

“Intention Series: What is an Intention? Why Are Intentions Important?”

Powerful Intentions

Powerful intentions are clear, represent what you want versus what you don’t want, have a feeling associate with them and have meaning to you.

Since you do not know how good it can be, do not limit yourself to what you can receive!  During the process of setting an intention set aside any limiting thoughts or beliefs. For example, “I am meeting my financial obligations” (limiting) versus “I am easily and gracefully experiencing financial prosperity.”

Go for it- allow for miracles in your life. You will know when you have your perfect intention because each word, and the sum of the words, will feel perfect to you.  Your intention will feel expansive, light, uplifting, freeing, joyful, and peaceful.

“Intention Series: How to Create Powerful Intentions”

 Pure Intentions

Pure intentions are infused with an unconditional and clear knowing that the fulfillment of it will have a positive learning, growing and/or healing outcome for you and for all those involved, it is your next best step (or direction) towards a more fulfilling life, and that you are worthy to receive what you want to manifest

Once you create an intention, check in with yourself and see if it feels pure. Is it clear? Is it something you can put on a bumper sticker and be proud of? Do your other intentions support it? Do you feel there is a divine reason for the intention (versus ego reason)? Is it for the highest good of all concerned?  Does it feel peaceful and relaxing?

“Intention Series:  The Secret Sauce of Intentions”, “Intention Series: Intentions versus Affirmations”

“Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts.”  Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)

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