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What is Your Quicksand?

by Jo-Ann Downey

in Inspiration

I am keenly aware that my life is too focused on my calendar. I feel as though the time I spend on my calendar and planning future activities is keeping me out of the present moment.

As shared in “The New Two Do List- Part Two”, after a few weeks of consciously choosing 1-3 priority goals To Do each day, I woke up and thought, “It’s my New Two Do List.  I will pick two (2) things Two Do each day and trust that the rest would happen with grace and ease.”  When I follow this practice my daily Two Do’s are more open, trusting, and self-nurturing. It also helps me to focus on what is important to me.

My Calendar is My Quicksand by Jo-Ann Downey

My calendar works against me
Both feet in
My body follows my mind
My mind follows my body
The next event is my quicksand
My calendar is my quicksand

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photo credit: peter j bellis

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