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Do The Real Math

by Jo-Ann Downey

in Manifesting

How do you spend your life’s energy? Are you willing to look at how much time and resources you spend on your inner and outer habits?  Are you making conscious choices for your highest good?

Time Reality Check

As shared in “Time Management & Time Consciousness”, you cannot manage or control time.  You can only manage yourself and what you do with your time. Time proceeds with or without you having a personal or professional vision or intention. What do you do, and don’t do, with your time?  Do you manifest your goals and dreams?  Do you try to squeeze as much into one day as you can without looking at the bigger picture?

“Do not squander time for that is the stuff that life is made of.” Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

Do The Real Math ™

To Do the Real Math is to do the honest, detailed, and holistic math.  You may think that you only worry when your bills are due, but is that true?  Does your worry interrupt your sleep?  If so, the real math would include your lost sleep. You may think that you work an 8 hour workday, but is that true?  How much time and energy is involved in: commuting, shopping for work clothes, working to pay for work clothes, and washing/dry cleaning/ironing work clothes? And what about the things that you are not doing activities because you don’t want to be tired for work (lost opportunities)?

Doing the Real Math is not an exercise in judgment (self, others, the universe). That would just add more hours to your judgment calculation!

My experience is that a conscious and compassionate process of Doing the Real Math can start an immediate change in your life –  you begin to make different choices.

“Authentic awareness, acceptance, compassion, and positive intention are kindred souls.”  Jo-Ann Downey

Do The Real Math Examples

Let’s say that you smoke 2 cigarettes a day and you think that your smoking habit takes 15 minutes a day.  What about the hours that you work in order to buy the cigarettes? What about the time you spend thinking about your next cigarette or the time you spend thinking about how to quit smoking?  What about the travel time and cost to buy cigarettes? What about the time it takes to find a place to smoke and to go to that place? Do you have negative self-talk because you want to quit, or do you apply energy (inner and/or outer) defending your decision to smoke? You might find that your daily smoking habit may really cost you several hours a day, assuming you don’t have health issues related to smoking.  Adding travel time and the time it takes to earn the money for doctor’s appointments can really add up. More importantly, what are you not doing while you are maintaining this habit?

I recently heard someone say that that sitting is the new smoking.  I think that sitting and screen gazing (TV, computer, tablet, phone) is the new smoking.

Some examples of patterns that you may want to look at: over-preparing, over responsibility (“Over-Responsibility”), procrastination, negative self-talk, habitual emotions, boasting or gossiping, and avoiding activities.  Regarding avoidance, incomplete cycles of action consumes energy.


Be gentle with yourself as you make conscious changes.  As shared in “Practice When it’s Easy”, the reason to practice when it’s easy is because you want to experience success.  When you achieve a desired goal you feel energized, empowered and confident; this positive energy fuels your continued success.  You define what success is for you and try to feel, to experience, success as often as you can.

You may want to do the marble exercise shared in “Time Management & Time Consciousness”.

You may also want to read, “How to Create Success- 6 Tips”, and “2 Essential Guidelines to Create a New Habit”, “Small Steps Are The New Big Steps”, and “Willful versus Willing”, and “Intention Series: How to Create Powerful Intentions.”

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