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Do Yourself a Favor – Get Clear

by Jo-Ann Downey

in Manifesting

Have you ever met someone who says they want to manifest something in their personal or professional life, however, their words, thoughts, and/or actions are more focused on not manifesting what they say they want? Have you ever wanted to help someone but you couldn’t because you did not understand what they wanted? Are you clear? How do you know when you are clear?  Why be clear?

Examples- Sally and Bonnie

Sally says, “I want to learn to make a quilt, however, I have never taken sewing classes, I don’t know anyone that sews, and I have a full time job.”  Or Sally may say “I want to learn to make a quilt, however, I have a full time job.”  The second statement is certainly more positive than the first statement, but it is still a downer.  Also, pairing sewing classes to working full time makes me feel that learning to make a quilt is more of a burden than an enjoyable activity for Sally.

Let’s say your friend Grace makes beautiful quilts.  Would you enthusiastically refer Sally to Grace or make a special effort to connect the two of them together? Would you even think of Grace given what Sally said?  I bet you would (maybe not consciously) be wondering if Sally really wants to make quilts or if it is just another chore. And who wants to help a friend add another chore to their to-do list?

Let’s go to Bonnie.  Bonnie says, “My intention is to receive the perfect teacher and environment that will support me in learning how to sew beautiful quilts.”  Can you feel the space, the heart-centeredness, and Bonnie’s authentic willingness?  In fact, Bonnie is open to experiences beyond making the physical object of a quilt. I bet that you would connect the dots more quickly between Grace and Bonnie. Bonnie is on a faster track than Sally.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”  Carl Gustav Jung (1887-1961)

Do You Believe It?

If your consciousness is focused on obstacles to success, you probably don’t believe in your own success. Can you see that your level of clarity is related to your level of self-worth and commitment?  If you take a risk and be clear about what you want, then you take the risk of not getting what you want.  However, if you don’t trust yourself enough to take the risk of being clear, then how will you make supportive choices towards your goal and manifest what you want?

“At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

Getting Clear and the Benefits of Being Clear

One way to become clear about what you want is to look at what you don’t want.  But don’t stop there! Translate what you don’t want into what you do want. Once you know what you want, you know what to say yes and no to, you can articulate what you want to others, and people will know how to support you.  Clearly knowing what you authentically desire, and maturely articulating what you desire, is important to  both personal and professional success. And not knowing all the details is often beneficial!  Please refer to “Intention Series: How To Create Powerful Intentions”.

A good way to tell if you are clear is found in this stunning quote:

“A matter that becomes clear ceases to concern us.”  Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

Get clear, get support, and worry less!

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