Intention Series: How to Create Powerful Intentions

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by Jo-Ann Downey

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To bake a great cake you need the correct ingredients and sufficient baking time. The process is similar with intentions.  To create powerful intentions you need the correct ingredients and ample time.

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Intentions can be general or very specific and they can be on any level- physical, financial, social, mental, emotional, etc.  Examples include being naturally in harmony with others, gracefully taking your vitamins every day, or easily manifesting a new career – the list is infinite.

My intention is to gracefully write an inspiring article about how to create powerful intentions.

How to Create an Intention

Below are 8 essential elements, or ingredients, to create powerful intentions:

1)      Meaningful to You
Intentions are what you want to manifest. Authentic and powerful intentions do not try to manipulate or control others or their behavior.  Nor do they wish for something to be different than the way it is.  You accept what is and step into the opportunity to create what you want!  Your intention is YOUR call to action- “I am…”, “My intention is…”. “I now..”, etc.

A meaningful intention is sincere and promotes well-being.

2)     Present Tense of the End Result
An intention is represented in the end result you want to achieve- the present tense of what you want today, and your future, to look like. It is not a “to do” list.  An intention is complete and directs your choices and your energy.

You may wonder if this is not being truthful to yourself because you are not there yet, however, an intention is an acknowledgement that what you want to manifest starts with a thought.  As shared in “Choose Your Thoughts Well”, thoughts precede every action, and action determines results.

3)     Expansive
Since you do not know how good it can be, do not limit yourself to what you can receive!  During the process of setting an intention set aside any limiting thoughts or beliefs. For example, “I am meeting my financial obligations” (limiting) versus “I am easily and gracefully experiencing financial prosperity.”   Go for it- allow for miracles in your life.

4)     Achievable & Believable to You
You should feel that your intention is achievable and believable.  A stretch is good, however, too much of a stretch is self-defeating.   You may experience some emotional resistance (especially in the beginning), however, this is usually your ego getting in your way!  Remember, change is hard for most of us.

You need to believe, feel, and/or experience that the manifestation of your intention can really be true for you.  Can you feel, or perhaps visualize, having the experience you want to have?

5)     Positive
An intention is stated in the positive, or what you want, versus what you don’t want.  It is a new, or fresh, idea and not a redo of the past.  It is a positive mental image of what you want to manifest.  For example, “I am easily and joyfully maintaining a my ideal body weight” versus “I am not overweight.”

6)     Being versus Doing- Call in Grace and Ease
Intentions include how you want to receive the manifestation of your intention.  How will you be with yourself, others, and the universe during the process of manifesting your intention?  How, energetically, will your intention manifest?  You will be best served to use words like easily, gracefully, peacefully, naturally, joyfully, harmoniously, etc.  Why not?

7)     Empowering Words
Since your intention is 100% believable to you, do not use the words “always” or “never” because that is unrealistic.  Also, avoid the word “should” because it has an obligatory essence versus and expansive energy.  As shared in “What is an Intention?  Why are Intentions Important?”, the process of setting and working towards your intentions declares to yourself, others, and the universe that you are serious about your dreams and goals.  Use empowering thoughts and language.

8)     Clear and Concise
Clarity is important. Exactly what do you want your experience to look and feel like? The shorter, the better.  Long intentions tend to get, and keep you, in your head.  The best intentions are clear and concise.  And being brief has a natural way of keeping space open for surprises!

So how long does it take to formulate an intention?  In my experience, intentions take several hours, often over several days, to formulate.  I will start with an idea, write it down, try it on for size, modify it, try it on for size, etc.   You will know when you have your perfect intention because each word, and the sum of the words, will feel perfect to you.  Your intention will feel expansive, light, uplifting, freeing, joyful, and peaceful.

And don’t forget, use intentions for both personal and professional aspirations.

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