Intention Series: The Secret Sauce of Intentions

by Jo-Ann Downey

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Intentions have a secret sauce.  Can you guess what it is?   Can you think of a word that evokes something that is absolutely true, clear, complete, peaceful, natural, and harmonious?

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The Secret Sauce of Intentions

As discussed in “How to Create Powerful Intentions” there are eight (8) essential ingredients needed to create powerful intentions.  The secret sauce that propels these ingredients into manifestation is purity.

According to, pure means:

–          Free from anything of a different, or inferior, or contaminating kind
–          Simple or homogeneous
–          Free from foreign or inappropriate elements
–          Clear
–          Straightforward; unaffected
–          Being that and nothing else

What is a Pure Intention?

A pure intention taps into divine energy (versus ego energy), it is for the highest good, and it is non-competing.

For example, you may have an intention to joyfully have a dinner party for your friends.  You might also have an intention related to peace and quiet.  Do you see that these are competing intentions?  You cannot joyfully manifest the dinner party when a part of you wants peace and quiet.  One intention is not better than another; however, you will need to choose and/or work with the parts of yourself that are not in harmony.

If you find that your intentions are not being fulfilled, you might have competing intentions to work on. Often, competing intentions related to what you physically want (dinner party) versus underlying fears (my house might be very noisy).

Manifesting Pure Intentions

Pure intentions are infused with an unconditional and clear knowing that the fulfillment of it will have a positive learning, growing and/or healing outcome for you and for all those involved, it is your next best step (or direction) towards a more fulfilling life, and that you are worthy to receive what you want to manifest

Once you create an intention, check in with yourself and see if it feels pure. Is it clear? Is it something you can put on a bumper sticker and be proud of? Do your other intentions support it? Do you feel there is a divine reason for the intention (versus ego reason)? Is it for the highest good of all concerned?  Does it feel peaceful and relaxing?

Very Smart Girls create Pure Intentions.

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