An Effective Way to be Present – Do Not Compare

by Jo-Ann Downey

in Mental Clarity & Calmness

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Do you want to live more in the moment, but don’t know exactly how to do it?  Have you heard that living in the moment can bring you more calmness and joy?  Would you like to live less in the past, less in the future, or both?  One practical way to be present is to stop comparing.

Being Present versus Comparing

When you compare, versus when you observe, you are not fully present.

If you sit on a friend’s couch and think “this couch is nicer than my couch”, then you are comparing versus truly enjoying your experience, or being present in the moment. In a subtle way, you are thinking about your past experiences on your couch.   If you think “this is a nice couch” then you are more present.

Read these thoughts again and notice how you feel:
“This couch is nicer than my couch”
“This is a nice couch”

Were you calmer, and perhaps more joyful, when you read the second thought?

Comparing and Judgments

When you compare, you are often in judgment of yourself, others, circumstances, feelings or experiences.  Comparing usually makes something better or worse than something else.

Think about how much time you spend comparing and judging.  What would your day, your life, look and feel like if you were 100% present to what is- without judgments or comparisons?  Would you be more present? Would you be calmer?


Preferences are fine; we all have preferences.  I acknowledge you if you aspire to make positive changes in your life.

If your preference is to have an organized office and you see an office that is organized, you may think “what a wonderful, organized office. I’m going to look around for some tips.”  Or you may think “this office is organized and my office is dismal.”  There you are again – back in your messy office.

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