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High-Stakes Versus High-Risk

by Jo-Ann Downey

in Mental Clarity & Calmness

I have been thinking about high-stakes, risk, and objective versus subjective thinking.

My Take on High-Stakes versus High-Risk

High-stakes describes a situation where you can, or perceive you can, gain or lose a lot such as an advantage or something you really want.  Your thoughts determine what you believe are high-stakes conditions, events, needs, requirements, and outcomes.  Risk assessments, in the purest sense, are based on objective information; high-stakes thinking is personal and subjective.

A situation may be high-risk; however, you determine what you believe are high-stakes situations.

High-stakes thoughts are often control-oriented, attached to a very specific outcome, and have a winner-take-all mindset. Mistakes, increased emotional attachment, conflict, and turmoil often comes with high-stakes beliefs.

2021 Update- enjoy this blog and meet me at my new blog- Be All of You Today.

Be Aware of and Test Your Beliefs

~  Be aware of your high-stakes beliefs.

~  What you believe determines your feelings, actions, and reactions.

~  You choose the thoughts you energize.  

~  The less high-stakes thinking, the more choices you are aware of and the more peace of mind you will experience.

~ Question whether or not high-stakes beliefs serve you and others.

“The moment you start watching the thinker, a higher level of consciousness becomes activated.” Eckhart Tolle

Since COVID-19 I have released many of my made up high-stakes beliefs. What are you making up? Is it true? Is it helpful and healthy for you and others?

2021: I am now posting on Be All of You Today. You will find an update to this blog there.

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