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Peaceful and Powerful Acceptance

by Jo-Ann Downey

in Mental Clarity & Calmness

Acceptance is my “go-to” thought, however, lately I’m aware that I can have feelings like concern or doubt immediately after feeling acceptance. Did the acceptance go away? How could it last longer? What is my next best step?

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As shared in “Understanding Series: Acceptance & Success”, acceptance is vital to personal and professional success.  Accepting what is present provides you with a solid platform to make better decisions, including the decision not to do anything. 

There are many levels of acceptance based on your ability and willingness to be in a situation without attempting to change, deny, dispute or ignore it. Acceptance is not condoning bad behavior.  It is a way to stop self-imposed suffering. 

Choose Your Next and Highest Thought

My aha moment happened when I realized that acceptance starts with my thought of acceptance. My next best step is to consciously choose my second thought- the thought after acceptance. 

My next highest thought may be that nothing needs to be fixed or that everyone is doing their best (including me), etc. I’m aware that in some situations my second (or next) highest thought may be acceptance – yes, the same as the first!

As shared in “Choose Your Thoughts Well”, thoughts tend to build upon each other.  Thoughts, positive or negative, connect to each other like compartments of a train- they pull each other along in the same direction. 

Peaceful Acceptance is Powerful Acceptance

When my next thought, and hence feeling, after acceptance is kindness, trust, flexibility, etc., I feel more peaceful.  My level of acceptance feels deeper, more powerful, and authentic.

Initial acceptance is great, however, the next thought… the next feeling…can be the glue that holds acceptance together in a more peaceful and lasting way.

Acceptance + Choosing Your Next and Highest Thought = Peaceful and Powerful Acceptance

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