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What Story Are You Sticking To?

by Jo-Ann Downey

in Mental Clarity & Calmness

Are you playing out inaccurate, outdated, non-productive, or negative stories in your life? Are you stuck in your story?  Are you stuck in someone else’s story? Do you know what your stories are?  Who is in charge of the stories you tell yourself- your ego or your heart? Are you willing to start with a blank slate and write and live your own story?

My Braces, My Story

I had braces on 4 of my top front teeth as a preventative measure.  My top front teeth align on top of my bottom teeth in a way that wears down my top teeth.   My orthodontist and dentist worked on a plan.  Once my dentist had enough room to add a type of bonding to my teeth I could have my braces taken off.  This was supposed to be a 6-7 month process.

After 6 months,  my dentist told me he had enough room to do his work.  Off I went to my orthodontist and I had my braces taken off (yeah!).  Then, back to my dentist. Much to my disappointment, my dentist told me that he would prefer more room and that my best option was to have the braces put back on.  If you have had braces, you know that it is a time consuming, often painful, and tedious process.  I immediately thought “No way.  I did all the right things.  What do you mean?  You said you had enough room for you to do your work before I had my braces off.” While I was frustrated I was also aware that I was in complete acceptance of the situation.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

Shift in Consciousness

As I was walking to my car I experienced a shift in consciousness.  I smiled and I thought “Oh my, what a wonderful man! What a wonderful dentist. He could have stuck with his story that he had enough room to do his work.  Many people would not want to change their mind or risk their ego.   He could have done the dental work and I would eventually be back where I started”. What a wonderful example of integrity. Instead of sticking with his story, he stuck with his integrity.  WOW- instead of sticking to his story he stuck to his integrity!”

When I got home I called his office and told him how much appreciate him and his integrity.  And now the braces go back on with a smile on my face for the learning, the lesson, and the blog idea.

Who is Running the Show?

Is your ego running the show or is your heart, your values, goals, your best self, or your inner knowing running the show?  Are you OK with changing your mind? How are you (with yourself and others) when someone changes their mind, especially if they change their mind in a way that is not your preference? Are your (inner and outer) choices ego-centered (such as the blame game) or heart-centered?

“Write and live your own authentic story. If you find yourself in someone else’s story, politely leave.”  Jo-Ann Downey

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

Heart-Centered Stories

What if your story was anchored in a powerful quality you want to manifest in your life such as kindness, acceptance, joy, connection, creative self-expression, or integrity? Can you feel how much easier life would be?  For me, details, personalities, and egos are less visible and important (mine and others) when my goal is authentic, heart-centered, and positive for all concerned.

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