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Your Freedom, and Responsibility, To Change Your Mind

by Jo-Ann Downey

in Mental Clarity & Calmness

I used to think that changing my mind was a sign of weakness because it meant that I did not think things through carefully enough or didn’t have enough conviction.  I also judged people when they changed their mind.

While I still think things through, especially before I make a commitment, I am very aware that my willingness and ability to change my mind is a human responsibility, a freedom, and a gift. With new information and wisdom, to change your mind in a positive direction makes sense and is a good way to build a better life!

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I launched Very Smart Girls 9 years ago today after I released my limiting beliefs including thoughts like: a website is too hard to set up, I do not have the time to write, and this too far outside of my Corporate America comfort zone.

Happy 9th Birthday Very Smart Girls ~ Practical Skills, Tools, and Wisdom to Build your Best Life!

“If you can’t change your mind you can’t change anything.” George Benard Shaw (1856-1950)


In psychological terms (Wikipedia) cognitive reframing is a psychological technique that consists of identifying and then disputing irrational or maladaptive thoughts.  Reframing is a way of viewing and experiencing events, ideas, concepts and emotions to find more positive alternatives.

Reframing is like putting on a new pair of glasses and you see a more positive and productive point of view.  As shared in “Choose your Thoughts Well”, we navigate our lives, take action, and make decisions based on our thoughts; however, we unconsciously think and do things throughout most of the day. Since thoughts precede every action, and action determines results…choose your thoughts well (which means the power to change your mind to a more positive focus, a more learning orientation to life).

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

Indicators and Changing Your Mind

Being upset (aka judging) is a great marker for a reframe opportunity.  As shared in “Forgiveness Series: Why Forgive?” releasing negative thoughts, feelings, and energy opens up space for more positive thoughts, feelings, and energy.

Being in a hurry is also a sign that you might have a reframing opportunity. As shared in “In a Hurry….In a Worry?”, being in a hurry does not yield the best decisions, outcomes or relationships.  Your best decisions and outcomes are typically realized when you are calm, accepting, and patient.

It’s best to consider changing your mind when you are calm, non-judgmental, honest with yourself and others, and have a clear intention for the highest good of all concerned.

“You have the freedom to choose which thoughts you ignite.  Choose up.”  Jo-Ann Downey

“Changing your mind is equally a freedom and a responsibility.”  Jo-Ann Downey

You may want to read “What Story Are You Sticking To?” and “Think the Opposite”

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