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“I” Language Series: Responsibility and Building Relationships

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How do you feel when someone says something like “you drive too fast”, “everyone drives too fast”, or “you are always so sensitive”?  Do you feel a sense of separation from that person? Would you like an effective way to respond? Responsibility Do you believe that you are powerless in your life or do you believe […]

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“I Hear You” is the new “I Love You”

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Have you ever wanted someone to truly feel that you are listening to them?  Have you ever wanted to lovingly acknowledge what someone was saying even though you didn’t agree with it?  How to you acknowledge feedback from someone, especially if you don’t agree with it?   People want to be Genuinely Seen and Heard As shared in […]

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Communication Checkpoints

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Have you ever thought that someone didn’t like you because of the way they looked at you?  Have you ever received feedback that surprised you during your annual review at work?  Did you ever go to a movie with a friend and feel like you had seen different movies? Personal Filters Each of us sees life through our own […]

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Friends are Good for your Health

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The health of your friendships effects your overall health and wellness. As shared in “What is Wellness?”, being your best possible self – physically, mentally, and emotionally –  is what wellness means to me.  Step away from the computer, leave work on time, schedule “friend time” on your calendar….friends are an important part of life […]

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Seeing from your Heart

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What do you see when you look at someone?  Do you focus on their physical attributes, their clothes, their circumstances, their behavior or their beliefs?  When you see through “thinking eyes” it is easy to judge situations and people. Thinking Eyes versus Seeing from your Heart When you see someone primarily with “thinking eyes” you […]

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When your Relationships are Good, your Life is Good

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Have you noticed that even if something in your life is not going well, when your relationships are good, you feel better and more complete in the world?  When your relationships are good, your life is good.  The great news is that you control 2 powerful relationship skills- your attitude and your intentions. Relationship Skill: Positive […]

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