What is Wellness?

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Very Smart Girls will celebrate its 10th Birthday on July 27, 2019!  In honor of this milestone, I will provide an update on my first 4 blogs- There is No Such Thing as a Table for Two, What is Wellness?, An Effective Way to be Present- Do Not Compare, and 2 Essential Guidelines to Create […]

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5 Reasons to Live in the Present Moment

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Have you heard that living in the present moment is important and beneficial?  Do you want to know why?  5 Reasons to Live in the Present Moment 1)      Professional & Personal Success When you are focused on a task, problem, opportunity, or situation you are more likely to be productive, find answers to problems, and manifest what you […]

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Being responsible is a good thing, but how do you know when you have tipped the scales into over-responsibility? Do you trust others to make their own decisions? Do you feel responsible for things that are out of your control?  Do you feel that you are the only, or the most, responsible person in your […]

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4 Types of Exercises for Physical Wellness

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Can you name four types of exercises found in a well-rounded physical fitness plan?  Cardiovascular training is one.  Resistance training is another.  What are the other two types of exercises? 4 Types of Exercises in a Physical Fitness Wellness Plan I like to look at a physical fitness plan in terms of four major exercise, or training, areas:  cardiovascular, resistance, […]

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Friends are Good for your Health

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The health of your friendships effects your overall health and wellness. As shared in “What is Wellness?”, being your best possible self – physically, mentally, and emotionally –  is what wellness means to me.  Step away from the computer, leave work on time, schedule “friend time” on your calendar….friends are an important part of life […]

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Needs are Important…Really Important

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We all have needs.  Are you afraid to express your needs because not expressing them holds a hope inside of you that there is always a chance that you will get what you want? Are you afraid to express your needs because they may not manifest?  Do you support or assist others in fulfilling their needs? Wouldn’t […]

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In a Hurry…In a Worry?

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Do you sometimes want to know the answer to something, or the outcome of a situation, right NOW?   Do you sometimes rush to get a project, or an errand, done?  Do you sometimes walk as if you are walking through a bad neighborhood when you are not?  In your hurry, do you sometimes break a dish, […]

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The Unique Power of Gratitude

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There is a lot more to gratitude than meets the eye.  Studies show that people who have an attitude of gratitude have higher levels of well-being (physical and emotional), are happier, less stressed, more satisfied with their lives, have more effective coping skills, grow from difficult experiences, experience more successful outcomes, and even sleep better.  […]

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Take a Hike…Really!

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Your body, your thoughts, and your feelings are interrelated.  For example, if you are scared, your heart tends to race and your thoughts may be limited or not as clear as they usually are.  How can you utilize this information?  What can you do for optimal physical, mental and emotional wellness? Take a hike. Why […]

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The Volunteer Wellness Effect

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Doctors and scientists agree that people who volunteer are more likely to be happier and healthier than people who don’t volunteer.  Serving others awakens, energizes and exercises your heart both physically and, most importantly, emotionally.  We exercise our minds and muscles, so why not exercise the qualities that come from your heart such as kindness, compassion […]

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