What is Wellness?

by Jo-Ann Downey

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Being your best possible self – physically, mentally and emotionally –  is what wellness means to me.  It is about having a personal commitment and practice to be physically, mentally and emotionally conscious and optimized. One facet does not overshadow another; they are all important.

Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellness Ideas

Ways to be physically optimized may include exercising, eating nutritious meals or taking vitamins.  Ways to be mentally optimized may include having positive thoughts or repeating a mantra to yourself.  On the emotional level, you can take the time to feel your feelings or maturely expressing your feelings to others.

Double and Triple Wellness Dipping

Let’s take the practice of getting a good night’s sleep.  You might first think of the physical benefits of being rested, however, there are mental and emotional benefits as well.  You are likely to think more clearly and to be more relaxed after a good night’s sleep.  This is a triple dip!

What about dancing with others?  This can be a double or triple dip as well.  You are moving around and getting physical exercise, you may be emotionally connecting to others (and perhaps the music), and you may be mentally repeating positive lyrics.

Quotations on Wellness

  • “Wellness is generally used to mean a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being.” Wikipedia
  • “Wellness can be described as a state that combines health and happiness. Thus those factors that contribute to being healthy and happy also will be contributing to being well.” Wikipedia
  • “The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.” Abraham Maslow

Wellness- Beyond the Traditional

I have experienced non-traditional, or alternative, wellness practices such as yoga, meditation and sound healing.  I look forward to sharing these and other wellness ideas with you.

Please share your wellness tips.

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